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a power plant showing the positive effect of cogeneration on your business

How Can Using Cogeneration Have A Positive Effect On Your Business?

Energy management is often about discovering new technologies and strategies for reducing your costs and carbon footprint. There are so many options when it comes to increasing your energy efficiency. You may have heard about cogeneration as part of this - but what is cogeneration and how could it play into your initiatives? Here we…

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Business energy plan what it means for you

Report from: Small Business Energy firms warn that government has just days to finalise details of how business energy package will work if companies are to benefit this winter Liz Truss has set out her energy plan for business, offering equivalent help as households on bills – but only for six months. Under this, the…

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Gazprom: Gas supply to Europe via Nord Stream to be cut further

Report from: Energy Live News The energy giant has said it will halt another turbine in the pipeline. Russia’s energy giant has said once more it will cut gas supplies to European countries through the Nord Stream pipeline due to maintenance work. The gas supplier said stopping another gas turbine at the pipeline would mean that daily gas…

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One of Europe’s largest wind farms opens

Report from - Energy Live News The Swedish site will power 300k homes with green electricity The Nysäter wind farm has opened in Sweden, with 114 turbines and a capacity of 475MW – the new site becomes one of the largest on the continent. RWE Renewables will operate the facility, which is estimated to produce…

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How could grass help the UK beat its energy security blues?

Report from: Energy Live News Ecotricity has begun construction of a green gas mill near Reading in Berkshire that will make gas from grass A new ‘green gas’ project has been launched in a bid to help the UK cope with the energy crunch. Green energy supplier Ecotricity has announced it has started the construction of a…

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