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What Is Energy 365?

Energy 365 is a web based software package that provides clients with clear and concise information about their electricity, gas and water consumption. It provides the client with a management information suite enabling both cost and consumption comparisons over specified time periods.

Using daily profiles, usage over the previous 24 hours is compared to the same day of the previous year or to a 24 hour usage profile determined by the client.


If the daily profile is exceeded, the periods of higher consumption generate e-mail alarms to the client, detailing the additional expenditure and the potential cost per annum if the trend is repeated each day. The client is then prompted to respond; detailing reasons for the over spend. The immediacy of day plus one data enables the client to identify the reason for any exceptional usage. By alerting the client to any over usage or anomalies, they have a highly effective cost and performance management tool.


A comprehensive suite of reports including:

  • Daily Cost and Annual Comparison
  • Daily Cost and Overspend
  • Degree Days
  • Monthly CO2 Comparison
  • Monthly Cost and Forecast
  • Monthly Savings

The reports provide invaluable tools to measure and manage performance, set targets and validate energy efficiency measures by way of historical cost comparison.

Profiles and Comparisons

The Profile and Comparison graphs display usage by site and or utility over a given time span. Comparison reports compare usage over two plus sites, by utility and over a specified time period. Both of these provide comprehensive management information and enable site performance to be measures against similar sites or defined timescales.

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