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UK signs agreement on offshore renewable energy cooperation

Report from: GOV.UK The UK Minister for Energy and Climate Graham Stuart has today signed a landmark agreement on renewable energy cooperation with EU and North Seas countries. The agreement between the UK and the North Seas Energy Cooperation (NSEC) sets the framework for greater cooperation with North Seas neighbours. Collaboration on development of offshore renewable energy…

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trees in a forest showing what is carbon offsetting

What Is Carbon Offsetting And Why Your Business Should Implement It?

As the UK works towards a 2050 goal of reaching net zero carbon emissions, it is essential that every business makes a substantial effort to reduce its overall carbon footprint. You may have heard of carbon offsetting, but what is this and why should your business implement it? Below, we explore the advantages of carbon…

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solar panels showing the steps taken towards being net zero

3 Steps To Take Towards Being Net Zero

As a business, you have an obligation to your community to be a good steward of the environment. This means reducing your carbon footprint and finding ways to improve the quality of life of your employees and customers alike. Reducing energy use and being net zero are just two ways that you can do this,…

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UK and western Europe in middle of a wind drought – and a ‘global stilling’ is coming

Report from: SKY NEWS The UK is gambling on wind in the future of renewables - but as we're seeing, having the turbines doesn't make them turn. Britain is in the middle of a wind drought - and the timing couldn't have been worse. For several days now, the UK and western Europe have been calm,…

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UK and US announce new energy partnership

Report from: GOV.UK The UK and US will work together to increase energy security and drive down prices, as part of a new energy partnership. The UK and US will work together to increase energy security and drive down prices, as part of an initiative announced by the Prime Minister and US President Biden today (7th…

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a power plant showing the positive effect of cogeneration on your business

How Can Using Cogeneration Have A Positive Effect On Your Business?

Energy management is often about discovering new technologies and strategies for reducing your costs and carbon footprint. There are so many options when it comes to increasing your energy efficiency. You may have heard about cogeneration as part of this - but what is cogeneration and how could it play into your initiatives? Here we…

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a scenic view of trees and mountains as a result of outsourcing your energy procurement

Why You Should Be Outsourcing Your Energy Procurement With Energy Impact

Ensuring that the energy procurement process is straightforward and simple is the first step in being able to focus on improving your overall energy efficiency. This is best done with the help of experienced professionals in the energy field - and here we explore the benefits of outsourcing your energy procurement with Energy Impact. (more…)

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UK government takes major steps forward to secure Britain’s energy independence

Report from: GOV.UK The Business and Energy Secretary announces further measures to help secure the UK’s energy independence. Business and Energy Secretary Grant Shapps today launches a landmark package to invest now to help secure Britain’s energy independence. Today the government is driving forward plans to build a secure energy future, creating cheaper, cleaner energy…

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What is the windfall tax on oil and gas companies?

Report from: BBC News The government is extending the windfall tax on oil and gas companies operating in the North Sea. The levy was introduced in May but will now carry on for longer at a higher rate. There had been calls to increase the tax after Shell and BP reported huge profits. How much…

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UK releases first tranche of £10m support to help restore Ukraine’s energy system

Report from - Energy Live News It follows Russia’s widespread missile and drone strikes, which have particularly targeted Ukraine’s electricity supply, since October 2022 The UK has released the first tranche of a £10 million commitment to help rebuild Ukraine’s energy infrastructure damaged as a result of Russian attacks. Foreign Secretary James Cleverly said an initial…

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