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Efficiency Is The Key To Energy Management For SMEs: Here’s How

Energy efficiency is a term that you will have heard hundreds of times, both when it comes to taking care of the planet and for saving money. With climbing energy bills, energy efficiency is more important than ever. (more…)

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Regulation decision to help ‘accelerate’ fusion energy progress

Report from - GOV.UK Future fusion energy facilities will continue to be regulated by the Environment Agency (EA) and Health & Safety Executive (HSE), the UK government has confirmed today. In October 2021, the government opened a consultation to seek views from the public, industry, academia and other stakeholders after publishing a Green Paper on…

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One of Europe’s largest wind farms opens

Report from - Energy Live News The Swedish site will power 300k homes with green electricity The Nysäter wind farm has opened in Sweden, with 114 turbines and a capacity of 475MW – the new site becomes one of the largest on the continent. RWE Renewables will operate the facility, which is estimated to produce…

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Shell’s North Sea Jackdaw gas field gets final regulatory approval

Report from: SKY NEWS The oil and gas company says the approval comes "at a time when UK energy security is critically required" but environmental activist group Greenpeace says the approval could be unlawful and it is considering legal action. It comes as the government tries to boost domestic energy output in an effort to…

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How could grass help the UK beat its energy security blues?

Report from: Energy Live News Ecotricity has begun construction of a green gas mill near Reading in Berkshire that will make gas from grass A new ‘green gas’ project has been launched in a bid to help the UK cope with the energy crunch. Green energy supplier Ecotricity has announced it has started the construction of a…

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How a Successful Energy Strategy Can Save Money for Your Business

When you're thinking about your business, you probably spend a lot of time considering ways in which you can save money. This can seem challenging, and it might seem like the only way to cut costs is to cut back - but this is not the case. Refining your energy strategy can help you to…

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‘They’re ignoring all the alarms’: Contractor resigns from Shell with warning to staff about ‘extreme harm’ to planet

Report From:  Sky News Caroline Dennett told Sky News that working for Shell was no longer morally compatible with her beliefs about how best to protect the planet and the people who live on it. A safety consultant who spent more than a decade working as a contractor for Shell has publicly resigned, claiming the…

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UK has allegedly underspent £240m in green projects

Report from - Energy Live News The money was reportedly handed back to the Treasury in the last financial year The UK did not spend almost a quarter of a billion pounds on projects that would help it reduce emissions, accelerating its net zero journey. An investigation by the Independent has found that some £241…

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Queen’s Speech lays out Energy Bill

Report from: Energy Live News The pursuit of cheaper, cleaner and more secure energy has been put at the heart of the government’s plans An Energy Bill has been put forward today to support the country’s efforts to ensure “cheaper, cleaner and secure” energy. The Prince of Wales delivered the Queen’s Speech after Her Majesty…

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High energy usage businesses to benefit from further government support

Report from: GOV.UK High energy usage businesses are set to receive further support for electricity costs. High energy usage businesses, such as steel and paper manufacturers, are set to receive further support for electricity costs as the government has confirmed details today (Friday 29 April) of the Energy Intensive Industries (EII) compensation scheme. The scheme…

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