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Gazprom: Gas supply to Europe via Nord Stream to be cut further

Report from: Energy Live News

The energy giant has said it will halt another turbine in the pipeline.

Russia’s energy giant has said once more it will cut gas supplies to European countries through the Nord Stream pipeline due to maintenance work.

The gas supplier said stopping another gas turbine at the pipeline would mean that daily gas production will decrease by 20%.

The announcement came a few hours before the meeting later today of European energy ministers who are expected to discuss the proposed plan to cut 15% of gas consumption in winter to combat the energy crunch.

Giving an update on the operation of the Portovaya compressor station (CS), Gazprom said: “Due to the expiration of prescribed time before overhaul (in line with the Rostekhnadzor notification and taking into account the technical condition of the relevant machine), Gazprom is shutting down one more gas turbine engine produced by Siemens at the Portovaya CS.”

The company added that the daily throughput of the station from 27th July 7am (Moscow time) will be up to 33 million cubic metres.

Kadri Simson, EU Commissioner for Energy said: “Yesterday’s announcement by Gazprom underlines again we must be ready for disruption of Russian gas at any moment. We must tackle this risk now and together.”