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The UK Energy Crisis: What Does It Mean For Your Business?

As an energy manager, you will be keeping up to date with all the latest news surrounding the UK energy crisis. It seems like a worrying time to be someone who works with energy, but what exactly is the UK energy crisis? And what does it mean for your business? We take a look at this unfolding situation.

What Is The UK Energy Crisis?

The UK energy crisis has happened in part due to the increasing costs of natural gas and electricity. These costs proved prohibitive to some smaller energy suppliers, causing them to cease trading. This has led to job losses for those working for the companies and impacted consumers at all levels.

How Is This Impacting Consumers?

At this point, multiple energy companies have ceased trading, leaving consumers in the lurch. These consumers are being transferred to other energy suppliers; however, this could mean that their energy is more expensive. The overall cost of energy bills is increasing, leading to many consumers struggling to afford growing costs.

How Could This Impact You?

If your company was using any of the suppliers which have folded, then you already know the struggle of finding a cost-effective new supplier. It could also mean losing industry contacts that you may have built up. While you will be shifted to a new supplier with no interruption to your supply, this means that the data you gather about your energy usage will be different, and you will need to assess your methods for data gathering. It also means that your costs will increase.

What Steps Can You Take?

There are limited ways to avoid the costs of energy increasing, which means needing to create a budget that encompasses this. It is possible to make a switch from the company you are currently using to one which might offer you a fixed price deal that might last for one or two years. Continuing to take measures to reduce your energy usage is a good idea, especially as the winter takes hold.

Looking For Help?

Are you unsure of how the UK energy crisis might impact your unique business? You always want to be one step ahead, and with the help of Energy Impact, you can be. Our energy consultants can provide you with guidance through these uncertain times and see where you can make essential cost and energy savings. Get in touch to see how we can best help you.

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