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Kwik Fit – Nigel Janes, Facilities Manager

We engaged Energy Impact at the start of 2015 after reviewing many options from alternative consultants as we felt they offered the best solution for our business. In particular, we were impressed with their Energy Doctor application, which allowed our in house teams to complete energy audits in a consistent manner that was compliant to ESOS. With such a large and complex number of facilities, this proved to be invaluable in producing a larger number of audits to prove the sample approach we had selected.

With Kwik Fit managing the audit process, Energy Impact provided the data collection and analysis. This again proved to be beneficial and by utilising Energy 365, we have identified many areas where out of hours consumption is evident and unnecessary and has now been addressed. Following the completion of phase 1 ESOS, Energy Impact has discovered many areas where improvements can be made to gain better energy performance and Energy Impact are helping with the pre-qualification of projects such as Voltage Optimisation and ISO50001, which we hope will be our path to compliance in the further phases of ESOS.